Aryza launches new range of products to revolutionise embedded finance

Aryza launches new range of products to revolutionise embedded finance

Aryza, a leading provider of end-to-end financial software solutions, has announced the launch of a new range of products to support embedded finance. With the introduction of Aryza Originate and Aryza Lend, the cloud-hosted secure platforms support the entire lending lifecycle. The company aims to provide businesses with a simple, fully digital, and entirely automated journey that can be customised to fit their needs.

Aryza Originate is an end-to-end loan management software solution designed to enable the implementation of embedded finance for retail and online customers, improving their back-end processes, optimising efficiency, and delivering a smoother user experience. The platform enables businesses to originate and manage financial products quickly, automatically, and cost-effectively. It will revolutionise the application process for customers, streamlining it from start to finish.

Aryza Lend, a secure lending and leasing platform automates the entire lending cycle, saving time and money, enabling loan servicing to be managed with ease. The servicing software delivers seamless integration with existing systems and a unique modular design that can be deployed at the relevant point of a customer’s journey, allowing businesses to streamline lending processes and focus on growing their portfolio.

With extensive experience and market knowledge in embedded finance, Aryza’s new products enable customers to implement embedded finance seamlessly. The implementation of Aryza Originate and Aryza Lend will provide businesses with the tools they need to transform their operations and enhance their financial offerings.

These products follow on from the announcement last year of the Aryza Embedded Lending platform, which had been developed in close partnership with Dreams – one of the UK’s biggest bed retailers. The platform simplified the in-store and online finance application process and improved sales conversion rates. The success of the Embedded Lending platform has paved the way for Aryza to develop and launch its new range of embedded finance products.

“Our commitment to providing innovative and secure financial software solutions remains at the forefront of our efforts, and we believe that our new products will help our customers transform their businesses, enhance their financial offerings and provide a better customer experience. We understand that businesses need secure and efficient tools to implement embedded finance, and our new range of products is designed to deliver precisely that,” said Colin Brown, Chief Executive Officer of the Aryza Group.