Irish-based Fintech firm Horizon8 launches valid8Me

Irish-based Fintech firm Horizon8 launches valid8Me

Horizon8, an innovative technology firm has launched a game-changing and award winning digital identity platform and mobile application, valid8Me, that transforms the customer onboarding and Know Your Customer (“KYC”) document sourcing challenge for regulated companies across multiple industries, including Accountancy, Legal, Funds, Asset Management, Banking, Insurance and Real Estate.

Average customer onboarding times can often exceed one month, with document sourcing for identity verification typically accounting for more than 50% of that journey. valid8Me makes the onboarding experience as simple as connecting with someone on LinkedIn, thereby dramatically reducing the pain, costs and time to source as well as maintain KYC documentation for all parties involved in the process.

Speaking of the launch, Patrick Horgan, Managing Director of Horizon8 in Europe, headquartered in Cork, said “Horizon8 are thrilled to introduce valid8Me to businesses and consumers. Our team is very excited as valid8Me is a transformational approach that has had a fantastic reaction from the market in being able to overcome the historical challenges widely experienced in complying with KYC and AML regulations for all stakeholders. The valid8Me approach has never been more relevant than now, where the need for digital and remote customer onboarding is critical in today’s environment. I’m very proud of the team in launching this truly transformative product that is bringing so much value to our clients.”.

Early adopters of the valid8Me platform span numerous sectors in Advisory, Accountancy, Funds, Real Estate and Legal including Grant Thornton, Mazars, Glandore, ReganWall, BKK, James Byrne & Co and BlackBee Investments. With its universal approach, privacy by design and freemium model, the valid8Me vision is to become a de facto standard for digital identity and solve the KYC challenge for all businesses and consumers.

valid8Me is designed to meet the needs for all stakeholders involved in the KYC process, including:

Retail customers can now store, share, trace and manage their KYC information from one secure digital vault app on their phone. valid8Me fundamentally changes how we do business in the digital world, allowing for instant, secure and intuitive connections with all businesses. By giving customers the power to protect, release and revoke access to their KYC data, valid8Me is a universal identity key.

● For corporate customers (both SMEs and Enterprise level), valid8Me is intuitive and can instantly capture the often complex relationships within businesses, by allowing seamless connections with Company Directors and capturing the complexities associated with corporate ownership structures. valid8Me provides full transparency and traceability regarding who is accessing corporate information and that of Authorized Representatives and Directors, enabling businesses to only have to maintain one instance of their KYC documents. This dramatic simplification has immense benefits to all.

Onboarding companies who need to comply with AML regulations, can now access KYC documents dramatically quicker, leverage best in class document forensics controls to better help identify fraudulent customers, whilst enabling a frictionless onboarding and due diligence experience for all their good customers. The platform meets the end-to-end customer onboarding needs using our risk rating, risk assessment and workflow functionality, while allowing for seamless integration with existing systems (e.g. CRM’s) and trusted external data providers. Facilitating customers to freely share KYC documents for all their business relationships ensures that the ongoing overhead of refreshing customer documentation is significantly reduced.